HR-ansvarlig eller daglig leder? Lyst til å delta i global HR-undersøkelse i oktober 2020?

For the fifth consecutive year, in September 2020, OI Global Partners is conducting the Global Future of Work survey, aimed at day-to-day executives and HR executives, in charge of Talent Management. In 2019, nearly 60 of our customers participated in the survey. Want to join this year and access the report?

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Frist for gjennomføring er innen 17. oktober 2020. Du får tilgang til rapport – også oversatt til norsk – i midten av november måned.

We all want to understand more about how organizations are solving their talent challenges in a rapidly changing job market and what will create competitiveness in the future.

Karrierepartner AS is a member and the Norwegian representative in OI Global Partners (OIGP) a leading HR company in career transitions, outplacement, Executive coaching and leadership development. For the fifth consecutive year, the OIGP is conducting the Global Future of Work survey, aimed at leaders, executives and HR executives, in charge of Talent Management. The survey is part of a study that started in 2016. In 2019, over 1300 respondents from 30 countries participated, of which 60 of our customers are in Norway.

The survey takes about 5 minutes and is in English. Afterwards you will have access to a report - translated in Norwegian - where you can see your answers / perspectives against other respondents internationally. The results are compared with results from 2016-2019.

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The aim of the study has been to identify the following:

  1. What skills do employees need to be competitive today?
  2. What are the biggest personnel challenges organizations face?
  3. What are the most effective ways to practice talent development in 2019?
  4. What impact is new technology expected to have on today's jobs?
  5. The use of structured Talent Management systems;
  6. and the deployment of Employer Branding strategies and reasons for implementing them.

Resultatene fra 2019
Among the most important findings in the survey, respondents indicated that collaboration has bypassed Smooth Leadership (# 3 in 2019) as the skill they value most among employees. The second most important skill is embracing change.

Talent managers also say that adapting to change is the biggest personnel challenge in their organizations, followed by attracting and hiring new talents. Retaining key talents comes in third place.

Are you curious about the differences between the answers from our Norwegian customers / respondents versus other global companies? Is there any difference when it comes to need/trends in relation to what day-to-day managers and HR leaders in Norway experience versus American, Asian or European minds? Contact us and you will find out more.

Will your company be part of Future Of Work 2020 or know more about the survey?

Trykk på link: eller ta kontakt med Bjørn-Eirik Buschmann i Karrierepartner AS.

Bjørn-Eirik Buschmann
Daglig leder/Partner – Karrierepartner AS
Mobil: +47 909 70 113


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