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The history and reputation brings us further. Karrierepartner AS and the company's management originate from Norway's largest career advice environment. We work nationwide and focus on Outplacement as well as Performance and career development. Our customer promise: We will offer the best and most effective career guidance programs in the market - tailored to each individual customer. Welcome to Karrierepartner AS.

Karrierepartner AS has its origins from the company Konsulentgruppen Frisk AS (KGF) and the group Frisk Utvikling AS. Just before the pandemic hit Norway, KGF had bright prospects for 2020. It looked very good in relation to our clients' assignments, especially in the Career Restructuring business area, but also in the Performance Development area. After a dramatic drop in the execution of assignments - and through the lack of profitability -, the Group made the choice to liquidate the KGF as of June 30, 2020.

As a result, the Career-Restructuring business area has been continued through the establishment of Karrierepartner AS - 100% owned by management. The management consists of former CEO and head of business areas Career-restructuring services in KGF - Bjørn-Eirik Buschmann - and former Marketing Director of Din Development and the Group Fresh Development, Vigleik Rogde.

Our main focus is in career counseling services / outplacement, as well as performance and career development for managers and employees.

Career counseling / outplacement.

We continue the good reputation we have gained as a provider of career transition services since 2004. The company's management and several of today's career advisers have been able to assist several market-leading companies in implementing some of the most media-mentioned staffing processes. In total, we have helped over 15,000 employees in the transition to a new job. In addition to our own career advisors, through the collaboration with Frisk Development, we are a nationwide provider of career counseling, with over 400 career-advisors distributed over 50 locations. We are thus nationwide and can assist our clients with local expertise and advisors with good knowledge of local business.

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Performance and career development (new in Norway)

We are proud to introduce a demanded program that over 40,000 employees in Sweden through our partner Starck & Partners AB already has completed. This performance and career development program is initially designed for managers and employees who need a performance and development plan as a guide for their own career development process, future accomplishments, and job mastery. The program is process-oriented and includes a survey of own assessments, experiences, driving forces and own competence. The candidate works on his / her own development tasks between the meetings and receives follow-up, feedback and coaching from an expert in Karrierepartner AS. The initial part of the program is as well suited for an introduction to a longer Outplacement program. We have certified 10 experts within this program and are now launching the program in Norway.

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