We offer Experts in Performance and Career Development who hold certificates in their fields of expertise.

One of the biggest challenges for Norwegian employers is to retain and develop talents, managers and key employees. We have the program that enables the employee to define their own development areas and to establish a performance and development plan guiding their own career development and future achievements in today's job.

It is a fact that to hire and develop new employee’s costs 6 times more than develop existing ones. Every two to three years, employees should be given the opportunity to make a practical and accurate evaluation of the status related to their role, tasks, achievements, competence and development needs - against personal requirements and expectations and what the employer and customers have for this position. Including what do you want and what must you develop in your job - both professionally / professionally and personally - to be as relevant as possible? HR and the office manager than have a solid starting point for being able to organize good career and development plans for their employees.

Karrierepartner AS therefore offers a well-proven and effective program for performance and career development, developed by our partner in Sweden - Starck & Partners ABOver 40,000 managers and staff have completed the program in recent years!
Program and associated methodology / process are linked to the strategies and the operational work of the Talent Management. The need is greater than ever! The results from the program can be part of the existing employee development interviews.


We now offer a program designed for managers and employees who:

  • Want to become aware of own resources, strengths, skills and development areas (also alternatives)
  • Want to become aware of a need for change
  • Wants help to setting new goals
  • Needs a performance and development plan as a guide for a career development process, future accomplishments and job mastery. Ensures future career readiness.


The program also fits perfectly as an introduction to an Outplacement program and as a development tool into a new job.

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