Financial advice

The greatest uncertainty of persons in restructuring is the consequence of private and family economy, as well as pension schemes. Karrierepartner AS offers professional advisers in private finance and pension schemes.

In the last ten years, Karrierepartner AS has provided counselling to over 5,000 employees from the private and public sectors. Our advisers also have extensive experience as career supervisors, which has a benefit as the adviser is well placed in the candidate's process.

We focus on the candidate by providing overview and assistance on economic conditions and opportunities. Mapping the candidate's financial standing and specific advice with regard to planning private financial conditions. This is to improve the confidence of the candidate and create predictability in the short and long term.

Financial advice gives the candidate a better basis for decision-making in the face of the conclusion of a working relationship.

Private financial advice

Candidates who receive financial advice achieve increased visibility and security. Thus, the candidate is able to focus more on his or her job seeker processes.

The consultation takes 2 hours and highlights what conditions that may affect the future economic situation and any public benefits, including, as a jobseeker or in case of impaired health. The candidate receives advice and guidance for appropriate planning of private finance. The conversation is based on the candidate's point of view, wishes and needs.

In advance, the candidate receives an information folder with meeting content and what documentation that should be brought to the meeting. Specific calculations are carried out with regard to alternative situations and road choices. The meeting highlights what current situations and possible options may entail. The candidate receives documentation of the calculations made during the advisory meeting.

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Pension advisory

Through pension advice, the candidate can make better decisions in connection with the voluntary termination of a working relationship. The candidate will have a better overview of the opportunities he/she faces and potential pitfalls.

The regulations and schemes related to pensions are complex. Changes in national insurance and occupational pension agreements mean that the need for information has increased for both employers and employees.

For candidates who are in a position to apply to the AFP, this is a sought-after service. It is important for the individual to have visible opportunities and consequences as the basis for their own choice in this context.

We at Karrierepartner AS offer a 2-hour pension advice. In the conversation with the candidate, our advisers explain and quantify the consequences of the options that exist – especially the choices the individual makes. After the counselling the candidate is left with a better understanding of his own situation.

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