Online career planning

In addition to a well-developed compendium (and associated tools), our candidates gain access to a unique Online Portal for Career Planning.

Karrierepartner AS is a member of - and Norwegian representative of - one of the world's leading career advice / outplacement companies, OI Global Partners (OIGP). Through this, we have access to a career-planning portal developed in England and with over 2 million users worldwide. This is probably one of the most developed and functional portals on the market.

The tool supports the process that the candidate has with his / her Karrierepartner advisor and also gives the candidate the opportunity to dive into the thematic he / she wants to know and learn more about, both in the process towards a new job and after the candidate has found a new job.

The portal contains:

  • A number of learning modules, including E-learning
  • Career tools, including 14 different reviews / tests
  • Library with written resources, templates, forms and articles
  • Interview simulators, telephone simulators and others
  • What makes a CV complete, 360-CV-evaluation
  • Sales Pitch Maker
  • Career planner and storage / management of your activities
  • Employer Council (tips from HR managers and managers)


Furthermore, the tool has a progression simulator, which means:

  • Visualization of the process (which inspires effort)
  • Calendar - ensures control of activities
  • Milestones (from the action plan)
  • Content Management
    • Based on phase / course; prepare for what is to come
    • From activities; interview = articles, video etc. Action plan / goals
  • Content Management
  • Follow-up (reminder of milestones)
  • "Your Diary"


The portal is in English and converted into other languages using Google Chrome.